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Across our extensive portfolio we are able to offer both official courses from leading professional bodies and technology vendors, often leading to certification.

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Software Development Skills Shortage - Saturday, April 05, 2014
Software development is one of the top five most in-demand jobs globally. Big data alone could create around 4.4 million jobs by 2015 but only one-third of these positions will be filled. Meanwhile, the number of students aiming for jobs in the industry has fallen by 50% since 2001.
Businesses Ability To Attract Talent Will Be The Key Determinant of Success in Digital Business - Monday, October 21, 2013
Businesses’ ability to attract talent will be the key determinant of success in digital business, according to a new report from analyst firm Gartner. In a survey of decision makers involved in digital business, 90% said that the competition for talent will dictate success in using digital technology to grow revenue.