Java is a class-based, object orientated general-purpose computer programming language. Java code can run on all platforms that support Java without the need for recompilation. It is one of the most popular programming languages in use, particularly for client-server web applications. Java derives much of its syntax from C and C++.

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  • The Developing Applications with Java EE course introduces delegates to version 6 of the Java Enterprise Edition API. It explains the JEE technologies and how they can be used to build large scale web based applications.

    £ 1,895.00 ex.vat
  • This course covers two topics, an introduction to java programming and how to use the popular Eclipse Integrated Development Environment (IDE). This course introduces Java programming and how to use the popular Eclipse Integrated Development Environment (IDE) and teaches the fundamentals of Java and object-oriented programming.

    £ 2,250.00 ex.vat
  • This Java SE 8 Fundamentals training introduces you to object-oriented programming using the Java language. Through hands-on exercises, you'll begin to build a baseline of knowledge to propel your career in development.

    £ 1,690.00 ex.vat
  • This Java SE 8 Programming training covers the core language features and Application Programming Interfaces (API) you will use to design object-oriented applications with Java Standard Edition 8 (Java SE 8) Platform.

    £ 1,690.00 ex.vat
  • From the simplest webpage to complex Enterprise scale web applications Javascript is an essential skill for any developer or designer. This course takes an in-depth look, from first principals in how to effectively program javascript through to best practices for large scale reusable code libraries.

    £ 3,250.00 ex.vat
  • This course is about transferring knowledge of design patterns. This experience is captured in solutions consisting of recurring patterns of classes and communicating objects that solve specific problems in a way that is flexible, elegant and ultimately reusable. By learning these design patterns, developers will be able to apply them immediately without...

    £ 1,450.00 ex.vat
  • The Introduction to Programming course comprises sessions dealing with variables, expressions, conditional statements, collections, iterative statements, functions, objects, compilation and execution, and best practices.

    £ 1,250.00 ex.vat
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