Alongside HTML and CSS, JavaScript is one of the three core technologies of World Wide Web content production, along with HTML and CSS. Most websites use it, and all modern Web browsers support it without the need for plug-ins.

Although there are similarities, please note that JavaScript is NOT the same as Java. Please contact us to check your requirements if necessary.

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  • Google's Angular framework (also known as Angular 2) is the next iteration of the widely known AngularJS framework which allows developers to build smart client-side applications that enhance the user experience. This course is a walk-through for those entirely new to Angular and those coming from AngularJS; and leverages the power of TypeScript to help...

    £ 3,195.00 ex.vat
  • The Web Development 1 with HTML, CSS and JavaScript course comprises sessions dealing with HTML, CSS and JavaScript - the three core languages of web development. HTML tags give a web page its structure, Cascading Style Sheets provide the style, and JavaScript code is used to make the page dynamic and interactive. All three are essential for a modern,...

    £ 1,795.00 ex.vat
  • HTML5 is the emerging future of web development supported in all modern browsers. A suite of connected technologies leverage HTML, Javascript and CSS to create a high performance web application without the need for plugin technology and with reduced calls to servers.

    £ 3,195.00 ex.vat
  • This course comprises sessions dealing with setting up for and creating a React app, JSX and element rendering, components and props, state and lifecycle, event handling, lists and keys, forms, composition and inheritance, React Router, Flux, and Redux. React Native is not covered on this course. Exercises and examples are used to give practical hands-on...

    £ 1,850.00 ex.vat
  • From the simplest webpage to complex Enterprise scale web applications Javascript is an essential skill for any developer or designer. This course takes an in-depth look, from first principals in how to effectively program javascript through to best practices for large scale reusable code libraries.

    £ 3,250.00 ex.vat
  • This course is about transferring knowledge of design patterns. This experience is captured in solutions consisting of recurring patterns of classes and communicating objects that solve specific problems in a way that is flexible, elegant and ultimately reusable. By learning these design patterns, developers will be able to apply them immediately without...

    £ 1,450.00 ex.vat
  • The Introduction to Programming course comprises sessions dealing with variables, expressions, conditional statements, collections, iterative statements, functions, objects, compilation and execution, and best practices.

    £ 1,250.00 ex.vat
Showing 1 - 7 of 7 items