DevOps is a change in IT culture that sees development teams working in collaboration with operational teams to deliver automated software solutions that are efficient and effective.

Many large organisations are adopting this culture and seeing incredible results.

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  • Puppet

    An automation platform that helps you automate your organisation's infrastructure.

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  • The Devops movement is bold enough to believe there is a better way of building teams and software that has rapidly spread across the development and operations community. The culture of a DevOps organisation and team is the heart of the movement and the most important pillar to implement.

    £ 2,295.00 ex.vat
  • The Chef Essentials course provides a basic understanding of Chef's core components, basic architecture, commonly used tools, and basic troubleshooting methods.

    £ 1,075.00 ex.vat
  • DevOps is a new practice emerging from the combination of practices in both Development and Systems Operations. It is a software development and delivery practice that spans both practices and is concerned with fast delivery and deployment of new software by taking an agile approach to systems management. Systems as well as software are driven by...

    £ 3,545.00 ex.vat
  • GIT allows distributed, serverless, version control management of software and document management. This workshop based course provides hands on exposure to GIT on the command line, through GUIs and onto servers such as GITHub. You will learn how GIT works, explore strategies to work with it effectively.

    £ 785.00 ex.vat
  • A process owner is the individual accountable for the performance of a process and for ensuring the process delivers value to its stakeholders. Process owners manage the requirements of process stakeholders, translate those requirements into process performance objectives, and oversee the entire process design and improvement lifecycle.

    £ 1,099.00 ex.vat
  • A Certified Agile Service Manager (CASM) is the operational counterpart to a Certified Scrum Master (CSM). Working together, Scrum Masters and Agile Service Managers can instill agile thinking into the entire IT organization as the basis of a DevOps culture.

    £ 1,099.00 ex.vat
  • One of the key parts of the DevOps tool suite is automation. Companies want to be able to focus on continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) of their software. By automating code integration and the build process companies can move towards faster releases of their software and more reliable processes.

    £ 880.00 ex.vat
  • This course provides an introduction to DevOps, the cultural and professional movement that stresses communication, collaboration, integration and automation in order to improve the flow of work between software developers and IT operations professionals. Improved workflows will result in an improved ability to design, develop, deploy and operate software...

    £ 1,099.00 ex.vat
  • 3 day course providing a comprehensive introduction to DASA DevOps Fundamentals - Agile DevOps principles, as defined by the DevOps Agile Skills Association (DASA). In this course, you will learn the DevOps vocabulary, principles and practices. Using DevOps key concepts and terminology, real-life case studies, examples, group discussions and exercises you...

    £ 1,695.00 ex.vat
  • DASA DevOps Practitioner builds upon the DASA DevOps Fundamentals qualification. The key focus of DevOps Practitioner is on the 4 skill areas required for successful DevOps results.

    £ 1,095.00 ex.vat
  • This course provides the necessary skills and techniques to install Puppet Master and Agent in order to carry out configuration management effectively. The course is presented as a mixture of lectures and hands-on exercises. Exercises are provided for both the Enterprise and Open Source versions of Puppet.

    £ 2,850.00 ex.vat
  • Configure Red Hat Enterprise Linux hosts in DevOps environment using Puppet Configuration Management with Puppet (DO406) is designed for system administrators and cloud administrators who intend to implement Puppet as integrated with Red Hat® products in an operations environment or a cloud computing environment.

    £ 2,550.00 ex.vat
Showing 1 - 12 of 17 items