5 Advantages of Cloud Computing

5 Advantages of Cloud Computing

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cloud computingTop 5 Advantages of Cloud Computing

With technology changing so much over such a short period of time, it’s hard to keep up with the latest gadgets, gizmos, software and apps. These things are expensive, so constant upgrades would be a huge financial strain on any organisation, regardless of the size.

Big companies have taken notice of this, and started to provide online services that constantly evolve, so with a monthly subscription, you get the most up to date functionality for a fraction of the price.

The big names such as Google (Gsuite), Microsoft cloud solutions and Adobe cloud solutions have their big name desktop applications available in the cloud, so you can use these applications on-the-go if you are a subscriber.

So What are the Benefits?

Working with data in the cloud benefits all types of businesses if used properly. Here are just 5 (of many) advantages of cloud technology:

Almost Limitless Storage

Storing information in the cloud gives you a practically limitless storage capacity, so you don’t have to worry about increasing or running out of your current storage space.

Cost Effective

The most cost effective method to use, maintain and upgrade is in all probability Cloud computing. Cloud computing cuts out the upfront capital expenditure cost for companies, along with licensing fees for multiple users.  With Cloud computing there are many payment options, including:

  • one-off payment
  • pay-as-you-go
  • scalable models.

You can often choose the payment model that best benefits your business cash flow.

Easy Access to Information

Once you are registered in the cloud, as long as you have an Internet connection, you will be able to access information from anywhere.  Geographical and time zone issues will no longer be a concern and with most cloud services offering mobile apps, you’re not even restricted by which device to use.

Backup and Recovery

Cloud storage makes the entire process of backup and recovery much simpler than other traditional methods of data storage.  Since all your data is stored in the cloud, recovery doesn't require physical transport from an offsite location, tape handling or seek time, therefore backing up and restoring is much easier and faster than storing or recovering the same on a physical device.

Automatic Software Integration/Updates

Software integration in the Cloud is usually something that occurs automatically.  You are not required to customise and integrate your applications to your own personal preference, this feature usually takes care of itself.  However, cloud computing does allow you to customise your options with great ease.  Therefore, you can cherry pick the services and software applications that you think will best suit your business.  The beauty of cloud computing is that suppliers take care of the servers for you and roll out regular software and security updates saving you time maintaining the system.

If you think you are ready for cloud computing, there are lots of systems to choose from. Give one of our friendly advisers a call for a no-obligation chat about what cloud computing could do for you. You can email us at trainingteam@envisiontraining.co.uk, or call 0115 8705075.

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