Time to Embrace Mental Health

Time to Embrace Mental Health

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mental health awareness training

Did you know that 1 in 4 people will suffer from mental health issues at some point in their life?

Mental Health includes our emotional, psychological and social well-being. It covers a broad spectrum of conditions.

For many years there has been a stigma around the subject of mental health, but with increased awareness this attitude is improving. With 25% of employees affected by it, it really is a big deal in business.

Envision Training, in partnership with London Market Training, is excited to embrace mental health awareness with a workshop aimed at managers who want to implement change.

Talk About It

mental health awareness trainingWith high profile individuals including Prince Harry, Stephen Fry and JK Rowling talking openly about their battles with mental health, more people than ever are recognising that not only is it ok to talk about their own battles, it is extremely beneficial in helping them to recover...and employers are starting to listen.

More organisations than ever are acknowledging the effect of mental health within their teams. Businesses are implementing processes which actively support staff through difficult times both at work and at home by training managers, updating policies and advising colleagues how to offer support and simply know what to say around people who are affected. These actions have a hugely positive impact on recovery.

Adopting an empathetic view of mental health also allows less discrimination and increased flexibility for employees, and for employers, a happier workforce and increased productivity. Not to mention building a reputation that your business is a great organisation to work for.

The Main Event

Our brand new training event, Mental Health Awareness for Managers. is a three-hour workshop. Hilary Woodhead, a leading health and social care services expert will be delivering this engaging, interactive workshop.

Hilary has 28 years of developing and delivering health and social care services, working in both public and private sector organisations. This engaging, interactive session uses case studies and film to engage managers and prompt discussion.

Mental Health Awareness for Managers will:

  • talk about the conditions associated with mental health
  • look at how we can break down stigma
  • recognise the effect that poor mental wellbeing has on employees and organisations
  • talk about the legal responsibilities that businesses have to their staff.

The workshop is on Tuesday 19th June, 9.30am-12.30pm. Refreshments are provided, along with lively discussion and great support!

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