Envision's new Leadership Programme is launched!

Envision's new Leadership Programme is launched!

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Envision Training launch a brand new Leadership Programme.

This learning and development journey is already proving to be successful for one of our largest clients, and we are now making this service available to other organisations who want to futureproof their business by developing great managers and mentors to lead their teams forward.

The programme consists of six categories:

Each of these categories contain the full spectrum of soft skills and leadership sessions, which, when combined, offer a holistic approach to creating and developing effective managers. In these sessions, we examine all of the social and professional qualities that are required to create inspiring leaders that drive businesses forward.

How does it work?

Not all businesses will require all of the modules. With this in mind, we offer a 'pick and mix' service where you choose the modules that are relevant to your business needs, and our experts will work with you to tailor the content so it's a perfect fit for your sector and business type.

envision leadership programme

You can view our full leadership programme here.

To find out more about our innovative leadership programme, please get in touch with our friendly experts on 0115 8705075 or email trainingteam@envisiontraining.co.uk.

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