We celebrate Learning at Work week!

We celebrate Learning at Work week!

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Grace's Journey

To celebrate Learning at Work Week next week, we hear the story of our very own apprentice, Grace Hill, who started her career wth Envision in January 2015.

I finished my GCSE’s and progressed on to my school’s sixth form to do A Levels with the intention of going to university after I finished.

As all my friends started going to open days and writing their personal statements, I realised I had no idea what I actually wanted to do at university. Halfway through my exams, I injured my shoulder, and was unable to continue, so I returned the following school year to finish my A-levels.

It didn’t take long before I realised I was just doing it for the sake of it and wasn’t enjoying my subjects at all, so I started looking into apprenticeships so I could work and gain practical skills at the same time.

I applied online for a business apprenticeship through a local college, and they asked me to go in the next day for an interview. I underwent English and maths assessments and discussed with one of the college staff what sort of job I was looking for.

One of the job placements particularly appealed so she sent my CV over. I received coaching from the college on developing interview techniques to prepare, just in case I was lucky enough to be chosen for interview. A couple of hours later she rang back to confirm I had an interview the next day!

I was thrilled to be offered the job here at Envision, and began work on my Level 2 Business apprenticeship in January 2015.

In my first year I learnt how to transition from school to a working office environment, and gained new skills that are not only important for work, but also that I can transfer to everyday life.

I also had the opportunity to attend workshops at college to improve areas I was not as confident with, such as a Telephone Skills Workshop to increase my confidence communicating with clients as this was a new experience for me. I completed my Level 2 course and was offered a permanent position at Envision.

In June 2016, I was given the opportunity to start my level 3 apprenticeship. This allowed me to gain more in-depth knowledge of how different areas of the business work, from the role of the account managers, to social media and marketing and also the accounts side of the business. My apprenticeship was due to finish at the end of December 2017, but with regular reviews and my extra involvement in projects this has been brought forward to the beginning of September 2017.

The more experience I gain, the more chances I get to expand my role and take on new responsibilities. I’m really enjoying interacting more with clients to organise training courses, and continually improve on the skills I have learnt while working at Envision.

Learning at Work Week is a great opportunity to think about how an apprentice could benefit your business, or how you can develop your existing team. Envision Training offer impartial advice on the many options available to you, so give us a call on 0115 8705075, or email trainingteam@envisiontraining.co.uk.

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