Soft Skills Training Overtakes Hard Skills for Employers

Soft Skills Training Overtakes Hard Skills for Employers

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According to Linkedin’s 2019 Workplace Learning Report, 57% of senior leaders consider soft skills to be the most important training for their employees.

As artificial intelligence grows within businesses, more and more tasks are becoming automated. Machines are now performing cognitive functions such as learning and problem solving, meaning that the role of humans is undergoing huge change in some industries.

But while computers are able to execute repetitive and analytical tasks with precision, there are so many types of job that they can’t do.

The good news is that these jobs are at the heart of many organisations. Roles which require emotion, decision-making, management and communication skills can never be replaced with machines.

With this in mind, this 57% of leaders consider soft skills to be of greater importance than hard skills, with the most valued soft skills being:


Considered the world’s most important soft skill, and what organisations need to help them stand out from the crowd


Having the best product, or providing the best service is great… but you need people to buy into it!


New generation employees are looking for a joined-up, team orientated culture, essential when working on complex projects


The world is changing so fast, adaptability is a key skill to ensure you keep up… or BE the change!

Time Management

Time management improves all areas of your life, both inside and outside of work.

Envision Training offer a wide range of soft skills training courses, across a broad spectrum. We offer public scheduled courses, or we can deliver in-house to train your employees in areas specific to your business.

Or why not design a complete soft skills learning journey to develop the management teams of tomorrow?

Join the 57% of business leaders who really value soft skills. To find out more about what we offer, please call our friendly team on 0115 8705075, or email

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