BCS Foundation Certificate in Systems Development


The BCS Foundation Certificate in Systems Development course is aimed at anyone involved - either directly or indirectly - in systems development who wishes to gain an understanding of a broad range of systems development approaches and the tools and techniques used in the development of software solutions. 

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Key course areas include:

• System development lifecycles and approaches

• Business analysis, requirements engineering and making a business case

• Systems modelling and specification techniques and CASE (Computer Aided Software Engineering) tools

• Systems design and architecture

• Quality assurance, testing and CAST (Computer Aided Software Testing) tools

• Implementation and changeover

The course covers all topics contained within the BCS syllabus and provides participants with knowledge that underpins the higher level Solution Development qualifications.

Introduction to systems development

•  The scope of systems development

•  Systems development and other disciplines

•  Offshoring and outsourcing of systems development work

Lifecycle types and their rationales

•  Lifecycles – waterfall, ‘V’ model, incremental, evolutionary

•  The Unified Process

•  Adaptation and customisation of the lifecycles

•  Roles and responsibilities in systems development

•  Project lifecycles

Business analysis

•  Definition of business analysis

•  Business analysis in the systems development lifecycle

•  Outcomes from business analysis

Requirements engineering

•  Introduction to requirements engineering

•  Requirements elicitation techniques

•  Types of requirements

•  Documenting requirements

•  Prioritising requirements

•  Managing requirements

•  Analysing and validating requirements

Making a business case

•  Assessing feasibility

•  Elements of a business case

•  Identifying, evaluating and selecting options

•  Cost/benefit analysis

•  Impact and risk analysis

Programming and development approaches

•  Drivers affecting the choice of approach

•  Approaches described: agile software development; object-oriented

• development; service-oriented development; open source development;

• Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) solutions

Systems modelling and specification techniques

•  Reasons for modelling

•  Modelling from different perspectives – process, data and business rules

•  Modelling dynamic behaviour

•  Modelling the user interfaceSFSD-Co01v1-1 Web  Assist Knowledge Development Ltd

•  Cross-referencing different modelling techniques

•  Documentation and specification

Systems design

•  Systems design in context

•  Objectives and constraints of design

•  Input design, data verification and data validation

•  Input and output technologies

•  Process and data design

•  Code and security design

Systems architecture

•  Types of architecture

•  Stakeholders and roles in architecture

•  Management of the architecture

•  The tiered approach to IT systems development

•  Service-oriented architecture and service-oriented development applications

Quality and Testing

•  The definition of software quality

•  Objectives, limitations and principles of testing

•  Static and dynamic testing

•  Confirmation and regression testing

Implementation and changeover

•  File and data creation

•  Data mapping and conversion

•  Supporting documentation

•  Training

•  System implementation

Evaluation and maintenance

•  Maintenance in the systems development lifecycle

•  Metrics for evaluating a software project

•  Post-implementation and post-project reviews

•  Testing in the maintenance stage

Software support tools

•  Configuration management tools

•  Computer-aided software engineering (CASE) tools

•  Computer aided software testing (CAST) tools

BCS certificates

The course prepares participants to sit the one-hour, multiple-choice examination leading to the Foundation Certificate in Systems Development offered by BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT

£ 1,475.00 ex.vat

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Course Duration 3 Days
Location Various
Examination Included