BCS Certificate in Business Analysis Practice


This 3 day course introduces attendees to essential business analysis skills.

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Practical sessions use real-life case studies to examine key areas such as:

SWOT analysis 

• Stakeholder management

• Business activity modelling

• Investigation of the business situation 

• Analysis of key issues and their root causes 

• Gap analysis

• Identification and evaluation of possible solutions

Business analysis rationale

•  The scope of business analysis

•  Definition of business analysis

• The development of business analysis

•  The business change lifecycle

•  Roles in business analysis

Strategic analysis in context

•  External analysis – PESTLE, Five Forces Analysis

•  Internal analysis – Resource Audit, MOST

•  Building a SWOT analysis

•  Critical success factors and key performance indicators

•  Measuring performance – the Balanced Business Scorecard

A project approach to business analysis

•  Initiating a business analysis study

• Defining terms of reference

Understanding business situations

•  Review of investigation techniques

•  Documenting the business situation:

•  Rich pictures

•  Mind maps

•  Fishbone diagrams

Business perspectives

•  Identifying stakeholders

•  Analysing stakeholders – Power/Interest Grid, RACI

•  Stakeholder management strategies

•  Defining business perspectives – CATWOE

Analysing and modelling the business activities

•  Types of business activity

•  Building a conceptual business activity model

•  Consolidating perspectives and building consensus

Identifying potential solutions

•  Business events

•  Business rules

•  Business process models

•  Exploring the gap between the current and desired situation

•  Identifying areas for business improvement – POP-IT

•  Taking a holistic approach to business 

Making the business case

•  Analysing feasibility

•  Contents of a business case

•  Options

•  Costs and benefits

•  Impacts and risks

•  Lifecycle for the business case

BCS Certificates

The course prepares participants to sit the one-hour, open book, examination leading to the  Certificate in Business Analysis Practice offered by BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT. This certificate is a core module for the BCS Business Analysis Diploma and is a specialist practitioner module in the BCS Solution Development Diploma.

£ 1,475.00 ex.vat

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Course Duration 3 Days