About us

Who we are

We work with you and your Learning and Development team to make an impact on your organisation. We use our tried and tested processes and procedures, adapting them to meet your specific organisational needs to develop the most cost effective solution possible


Envision Training will merge seamlessly with your Learning and Development function to provide a wide array of supportive services allowing your organisation to focus on what’s important and to create value, thus ensuring the business has the capacity to reach its strategic objectives. To do this Envision have a wide variety of offerings including:


¨     Tailored Managed Learning and Development Services

¨     Managing and coordinating Learning and Development Activities

¨     Providing an extensive portfolio of trusted training providers

¨     Monthly Management Reports

¨     Personal CIPD qualified Learning and Development Professional

¨     Formulating annual training plans

¨     Budget Management

¨     Accreditation Management

¨     Supply Chain Management

¨     Administrative Management

Our History

Starting over 11 years ago with a vision of becoming a leading managed learning service provider, Envision has grown to become a multinational company working across the UK, Republic of Ireland, America and Singapore. Always putting the customer first and striving to deliver the solution you need, has enabled Envision to grow and develop into reputable organisation, starting as a training provider to developing into a multinational Managed Learning and Development Solutions and Service provider, working with a range of organisation across a wide array of business sectors. This has helped our Learning and Development Professionals grow their extensive experience across a multitude of environments and sectors to understand what each individual customer needs and to develop the best course and sourcing the most suitable trainers for you.


With the continued growth of Envision, we find it imperative that all our Learning and Development professionals are CIPD qualified and experience in your business sector, to be able to personally learn your business needs and culture to become part of the team and to develop a unique and tailored solution to fit your requirements.

Our Mission  

Our mission, vision and values underpin all our activities at Envision Training. Our commitment to our mission has enabled us to grow into a multination Managed Service Learning and Development Solutions and Service provider.

Envision Training provide complete learning solutions to a wide range of organisations across a variety of business sectors. Our aim is to merge seamlessly with your organisation to understand your culture and development need, identifying a cost effective, high quality training solutions that enable the organisation to progress and grow through its people.

Our Vision

Harnessing your talent to deliver the future

Our Values:

  • The Learner is at the centre of all our decision, we strive to ensure they receive the best tailored solution for their development need
  • We work transparently and openly with all of our business partners, including clients and training providers. Ensuring all parties are receiving open, honest and fair information to base their decisions.
  • We continually work to develop and innovate our training solutions and services to ensure our offering is delivered to the highest possible standard through efficient and effective processes and procedures.
  • To ensure every member of our team are CIPD qualified and experienced in L&D to offer the client the best collaboration of education and experience in the consultancy they receive.