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Barratt Developments Plc pride themselves on being recognised as the nation's leading house builder, having two strong national brands in a highly competitive industry – Barratt Homes (BH) and David Wilson Homes (DWH).

The organisation is committed to developing their employees without exception; everyone within the organisation has access to an extensive training portfolio to enable them to build their career within the group and to sustain their brand with a reputable and knowledgeable team.

Envision Training are extremely proud of a 10 year working relationship with Barratt Homes.

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The Challenge

As part of their promise to develop skills, knowledge and management capability in a highly regulated industry, Barratt Developments know it is essential to combine professional training with industry-recognised qualifications. To enable their business to be more efficient, Barratt needed support in the following areas:

  • Tracking expiry dates for all industry standard qualifications.
  • Proactively booking refresher courses within specified timeframes to ensure qualifications do not lapse.
  • Retaining scanned copies of certificates/cards for audit purposes.
  • Retaining records of course attendance.
  • Enhancing training quality.
  • Increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of the training budget.
  • Improving the delivery of their training.
  • Proactively ensuring the training is relevant and up to date.

The Solution

Taking into account the group’s progressive attitude, and their desire to increase efficiency and add value, Envision was able to implement processes that incorporated the following:

  • Proactively reducing costs whilst maintaining a high level of performance, which is demonstrable through monthly reporting.
  • Supply, spend and feedback reporting on a monthly basis to monitor the quality, delivery and effectiveness of all training.
  • Management reporting tailored around business needs.
  • Monitoring qualifications and certification, proactively arranging renewals prior to expiry dates.
  • Management of internal systems and administration, ensuring all data is retained and up to date for audit purpose.
  • Management of client systems to ensure all are up to date and fully utilised.
  • Ensuring the administrative burden is eased, allowing L&D to focus on adding value to the business.
  • Introducing pre-agreed service level agreements.
  • Arranging and managing onsite training solutions to maximise the efficiency of the training spend.
  • Work closely and manage relationships with specialist industry trainers.
  • Introduce Envision Training’s providers to enhance training quality whilst reducing costs.

The Result

Envision Training’s partnership with Barratt Developments has resulted in numerous positive outcomes, including:

 Streamlining all administration and data retention processes which has allowed Barratt to continue to pass all internal and external audits.

  • A Service Level Agreement was introduced to log all proof of attendance and certificates onto internal systems within 1 working day of receipt.
  • Positive training feedback has increased by 38% over the previous financial year, highlighting the improved quality of training content.
  • 97% of training courses arranged have been delivered successfully, within or under budget, with maximum number of delegates attending on each course and guaranteed relevance of content in relation to either skills gaps or certification.
  • A wide range of qualifications are monitored and proactively renewed by Envision Training. 100% of staff now have valid certification(s) to ensure they can carry out their role.
  • Substituted relevant public scheduled course with onsite courses to reduce spend per head, travel and accommodation costs. Reducing the costs per head allowed the budget to incorporate a 15% increase in training courses in 2013.
  • Generating monthly reports encompassing; spend, qualifications and forecasted training requirements, to project progression and budget.

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