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Want to become cost effective in development, but don’t have the time?

Chaucer Syndicates is a specialist insurance and reinsurance company working as part of a highly regulated industry. Being a global organisation, Chaucer understands the importance of the quality of their staff to remain a competitive and respected player within their industry.

With underwriting roots going back to 1922, Chaucer have created a first-class Lloyd’s business, recruiting and developing talented individuals and providing the resources, support and leadership to build a unique culture of development.

The Challenge

As Chaucer Syndicates continues to develop their global presence, they still want to retain their original values of building the company on the expertise and insights of the employees. Therefore, a need for an experienced process-driven training and development team became clear.

Chaucer had noticed that to increase the productivity and efficiency of their staff the following would need to be addressed: 

  • Training and Development plans to be managed, collated and utilised to help members of staff highlight their own skills gaps and for these to be proactively resolved by the training team.
  • Increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the spend.
  • Reduce response time to training enquiries.
  • Availability of an on hand consultant to offer their expertise and trusted training providers.
  • Efficient management and knowledge of onsite training solutions.

For Chaucer to retain its respectable position within the market and to uphold their culture of training and development without falter, it was necessary for the partnership to be implemented quickly and efficiently.

The Solution

After consulting with Chaucer’s HR and Learning & Development functions to fully understand their requirements, Envision Training was able to quickly implement a solution that included the following:

  • Developing cost effective solutions for any skills gaps highlighted in the Training and Development plans received.
  • Monitor and report on the monthly and ongoing spend of the organisation with budget comparatives.
  • Arranging and managing relevant on site training solutions to increase the efficiency of the training spend and to bridge relevant skills gaps using training plans.
  • Having an experienced consultant available to talk through any learning requirements and solutions, and to advise members of staff when required.
  • Monthly visits as part of our commitment to excellent customer service.
  • Using a combination of Envision’s training providers and Chaucer’s current providers to create the highest value for money training solution.
  • Managing all course administration to ease Chaucer’s workload, and ensure consistent communication.
  • Manage all data collation with internal systems to ensure all data is retained and up to date for general audit purpose.
  • Regular on site meetings to ensure the solutions provided by Envision Training are still relevant to the organisation.
  • Providing monthly reportd tailored to Chaucer’s management requirements.

The Result

As a result of Envision Training’s partnership with Chaucer a number of positive results have occurred, such as:

  • 42.2% saved in the last financial year, solely on training booked, this has been achieved through using a combination of Envision Training’s trusted training providers and Chaucer’s existing providers.
  • Service Level Agreement introduced to ensure all training enquiries are responded to within 3 working hours.
  • Reducing the administrative pressures on site at Chaucer, currently being managed by an experienced Envision consultant.
  • 61% of skills gaps proactively resolved by the end of the 2nd quarter of 2014, achieved by using the collated training and development plans, and arranging training around the needs of the employees.
  • Ensuring all certification and qualifications are kept up to date through internal systems and monitoring processes.
  • Generating monthly reports including spend, training and development and feedback to ensure the training provided is of the highest quality and the most cost effective solution for the organisation.

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