Fundamentals of Selling

This enjoyable two-day workshop provides a sound foundation to the skills and qualities needed to turn opportunities into results. Individuals' needs and objectives are met through sharing experiences and stimulating interactive sessions.

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This workshop will provide the basic skills and knowledge required to kick-start a successful career in sales. Interactive practice sessions will enable the development of skills in a safe environment. Elements of sales psychology will help you to understand why your customers react and how to deal with them, enabling you to build more rewarding relationships. Delegates will learn from an experienced facilitator with a successful sales background and take away a handy A5 manual of the course.

This course is aimed at:

Suitable for new, prospective and existing sales people with little or no formal training who need the best possible understanding of the sales process. On return to the workplace, delegates will be able to sell with confidence, enthusiasm and determination. This course is not for experienced sales people.

You will learn to:

  • Develop a powerful sales structure that will improve your sales results.
  • Understand how sales psychology affects you and the buyer.
  • Develop the key skills of successful sales people.
  • Complete a self-assessment of future development needs.
  • Match your sales style to the buyer's style.
  • Guide your customers through the sales process overcoming objections through problem solving techniques.
  • Present your products that solve the customers' problems.
  • Identify the most suitable communications to match your customer types.
  • Build a sales kit of tools and models that work.
  • Create your personal development plan to take back to the workplace.

Course Content:

What is Selling?

  • What makes people buy?
  • The skills and qualities of the successful salesperson
  • Conducting a personal audit of your strengths and weaknesses
  • Personal motivation

The Market, Your Product and You 

  • Knowing your products and services - their strengths, weaknesses and unique features
  • Distinguishing between your product's features and benefits
  • Know the market you're selling to
  • Designing your personal sales plan

Plan for a Successful Sales Meeting

  • Classifying your prospects and planning your activities
  • Establish your call objectives
  • Identifying the decision maker
  • Developing the right mind set
  • Face-to-face or telephone meetings

The Successful Sales Meeting or Calls

  • Using a powerful sales process to guide the meeting
  • Creating a buzz by linking the benefits to the customer's needs
  • The importance of personal presentation
  • Assessing the customer's style and behaviour
  • Building your confidence to communicate with people at all levels
  • Adapting your body language and approach for maximum impact

Motivating the Customer to Listen

  • Making the appointment - do's and don'ts that work
  • Appointments by telephone
  • Talking to the right person
  • Using questioning and listening techniques to establish real needs
  • Preparing sales strategies and adapting your approach accordingly

Handle Objections Using APAC and Secure the Sale

  • Identifying the real objection
  • Overcoming the most common objections with a variety of techniques
  • Recognising an objection as a buying signal
  • Step-by-step commitment building
  • Asking for the order - when and how
  • Allowing the customer to make the decision - when to speak and when to stay silent
  • Identifying the opportunity for future sales and referrals

Personal Development and Life Skills

  • Working on your weaknesses and building on your strengths
  • Committing to change on return to the workplaceFundamentals of Selling training

£ 979.00 ex.vat

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Course Duration 2 Days
Location London