BCS Intermediate Certificate in Enterprise and Solution Architecture


Enterprise and Solution Architecture Intermediate course provides delegates with a thorough understanding of enterprise, solutions and related architectures. 

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The programme provides participants with a consistent and comprehensive platform of knowledge about architecture terms and concepts and explains the BCS reference model for Enterprise and Solutions Architecture with illustrative exercises.

Key areas include: 

• Enterprise and Solution Architecture principles and frameworks

• Business and Applications Architecture

• Data and Software architecture

• Infrastructure and Applications architecture

Introduction to Enterprise and Solution Architecture

•  Value of Enterprise Architecture

•  Core definitions

•  Architectural domains

•  Granularity

•  Hierarchical / Layered architecture

•  Architectural & related roles

Architecture pre-cursors (intermediate)

•  Stakeholders

•  Drivers, aims and directives

•  Goals and Requirements

•  Solution descriptions and plans

•  Standards and constraints

•  Dimensions of architecture

•  Business case

Architecture approaches (intermediate)

•  Architecture process frameworks

•  Architecture descriptions

•  Architecture process models

•  Architecture content models (description frameworks)

Business architecture (intermediate)

•  Business structure and behaviour

•  Business Models

•  Business capability, functions and services

•  Business Data and security

Data architecture (intermediate)

•  Data and information

•  Data architecture structures for storage and data in motion

•  Data qualities and integration

•  Data architecture frameworks

Applications architecture (intermediate)

•  Application vs Applications architecture

•  Rationale for applications architecture

•  Structural and behavioural models

•  Design for application security

•  Using application platforms

Software architecture (intermediate)

•  System modelling and modular design concepts

Component structures and patterns

•  Component interoperation and communication styles

Design for Non-Functional Requirements (intermediate)

•  Performance

•  Resilience

•  Recoverability

•  Integrity

•  Servicability

•  Security

•  Sustainability

Infrastructure architecture (intermediate)

•  Infrastructure architecture structure and behaviour models

•  Building blocks

•  Virtualisation and server consolidation

•  Design for Infrastructure security

•  Following a process

•  Enterprise/Solution architecture and operations

•  Enterprise/Solution architecture and governance

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BCS Intermediate

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Course Duration 3 Days
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