BCS Practitioner Certificate in Enterprise and Solution Architecture


The BCS Enterprise and Solution Architecture Practitioner course builds upon the concepts introduced in the Intermediate Level course and helps practitioners to create architectural views using TOGAF and other architecture frameworks.

Participants will apply their existing intermediate-level knowledge to case study situations.

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Introduction to Enterprise and Solution Architecture

•  Value of Enterprise Architecture

•  Core definitions

•  Architectural domains

•  Granularity

•  Hierarchical / Layered architecture

•  Architectural & related roles

Architecture pre-cursors (practitioner)

•  Stakeholders

•  Drivers, aims and directives

•  Goals and Requirements

•  Solution descriptions and plans

•  Standards and constraints

•  Dimensions of architecture

•  Business case

Architecture approaches (practitioner)

•  Architecture process frameworks

•  Architecture descriptions

•  Architecture process models

•  Architecture content models (description frameworks)

Business architecture (practitioner)

•  Business structure and behaviour

•  Business Models

•  Business capability, functions and services

•  Business Data and security

Data architecture (practitioner)

•  Data and information

•  Data architecture structures for storage and data in motion

•  Data qualities and integration

•  Data architecture frameworks

Applications architecture (practitioner)

•  Application vs Applications architecture

•  Rationale for applications architecture

•  Structural and behavioural models

•  Design for application security

•  Using application platforms

Design for Non-Functional Requirements (practitioner)

•  Performance 

•  Resilience

•  Recoverability

•  Integrity

•  Servicability

•  Security

•  Sustainability

Infrastructure architecture (practitioner)

•  Infrastructure architecture structure and behaviour models

•  Building blocks

•  Virtualisation and server consolidation

•  Design for Infrastructure security

Migration planning

•  Gap Analysis

•  Defining change activities

•  Roadmaps

Architecture management

•  Following a process

•  Enterprise/Solution architecture and operations

•  Enterprise/Solution architecture and governance

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BCS Practitioner

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Course Duration 3 Days
Location Various
Examination Included