Interpretation of Company Accounts

The final course in the series of company accounts courses that provides you with practical knowledge of interpretive techniques such as ratio and trend analysis and risk assessment.

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This course is aimed at delegates with a working knowledge of company accounts who want to develop their skill further, or as a follow on to Introduction to Company Accounts and Analysing Company Accounts.

You will learn to:

  • Undertake a more complex interpretation of company accounts by building on existing knowledge of ratio and trend analysis.
  • Identify and assess both market and business risk using this knowledge.
  • Understand the different considerations when choosing a method of funding and understand "cost of capital".
  • Recognise techniques adopted in company accounts to disguise potential problems.
  • Understand some of the non-financial sources of information available to assess company performance.

Course Content

Refresher on Financial Statements and Terminology


  • Business and financial risk
  • Consider different business sectors and identify the key financial features in each
  • Recognise the typical problems with using company accounts
  • Using accounts to assess risk


  • Refresher on key ratios
  • Types of shares and capital structure including debt funding
  • Understand the warning signs of corporate ‘poor health’

Advanced Interpretation

  • Drawing together the soft and financial information
  • Why businesses fail
  • Examples of creative accounting

£ 579.00 ex.vat

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Course Duration 1 Day
Location London