Data Protection, Money Laundering, Law of Agency & the Bribery Act 2010

The course will introduce delegates to the Data Protection Act, money laundering, the Law of Agency and the Bribery Act 2010.

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The Data Protection Act

The Data Protection Act established the basic principles of data protection and is central to our day-today activities in business.  Individuals on whom data is held are given access to the data and the right to have it amended or deleted if it was inaccurate.  Regulation has resulted in an increased focus on staff in insurance organisations needing a detailed awareness of the workings and implications of the acts. 

This course provides an awareness of the Data Protection Act as it applies to insurance organisations and highlights the penalties of non-compliance.

Delegates will understand the principles of the Act, be familiar with the definitions of the terms and terminology and understand the rights of the individual relative to the Act. 

What is the Data Protection Act?

  • Overview of the DPA, registration, obligations after registration, rights of individuals, subject access requests 

How does it affect me?

  • What companies hold information about you, what sort of information do they hold, what rights do you have to that information, how does it affect my job/staff, what information is considered to be personal data, how does the data need to be kept, how is it secure, what if the subject asks to see their information, what rights do data subjects have, when information can be given, when information should not be given? 

Money Laundering Awareness

Delegates will understand what Money Laundering is, the statutory background, why and how it happens and being able to identify potential incidences by recognising the signals.

Delegates will also understand how it applies to them and their obligations relevant to Money Laundering.  We will highlight internal procedures, which ensure compliance with the regulations. 

This aspect of the course includes recent updates to regulations.


Law of Agency Overview

Delegates will appreciate the law of Agency, and the implications. They will also understand the obligations involved in Agency as both principal and/or Agent.

Delegates will learn of Agents Rights and Duties and the parameters in which agents are permitted to work.

We look at what they shouldn’t do when selling general insurance products and regulation of general insurance Agents.

All of the above will be linked to FCA and current market regulation.


Bribery Act 2010

Delegates will understand the implications of this recent legislation.

They will understand the key principles of the Act and will be aware of the importance of brokers and insurers ensuring that there are strong internal controls to prevent breaches occurring