Interpreting and Assessing Company Financial Statements

This course is aimed at delegates familiar with the basic structure of company financial statements or as a progression from the 1-day courses: Interpreting Company Accounts and Assessing Company Performance and Introduction to Financial Accounting

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Workshop content

  • Exploring Company performance and potential through an analysis of the profit and loss account
  • Assessing the financial strength – liquidity and solvency through balance sheet analysis
  • Assessing the company cash management through the cash flow statement
  • Gauging the risks to future performance though projection of financial statements
  • Assessing the management and Governance capability of the Company
  • A spreadsheet model will be used to identify the key areas of examination to assess probable future outcomes
  • Key areas of examination will be identified in respect of the key financial statements – the profit and loss account, the balance sheet and the cash flow statement
  • The rationale of assessing prospects for mergers and takeovers will be discussed
  • A further look at new business start-ups.  The right and wrong ways of starting a business and how to interpret financial data from companies who do not have a track record
  • New public offerings of securities– how they work and applicable time scales