Interpreting Company Accounts and Assessing Company Performance

Two of the most critical documents required by underwriters for D&O placements are the P&L accounts and interim statements.  This gives insurers a good idea of the overall health of the proposing company.  This course helps delegates understand the overall aspects of financial accounting and what the figures mean to the proposing company and ultimately their D&O liability insurer.  

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Workshop content

  • The main aspects of Financial Accounting
  • Exploring the structure of the ‘balance sheet’ the ‘profit and loss account’ the ‘interim statement’ and the ‘cash flow statement’
  • Financial health check – what to look out for
  • A review of the different types of financial backing, the raising of extra cash and re-financing – what are the options?
  • A review of assets and liabilities – are they good enough and how do you spot potential problems in this area?
  • Understanding risk transfer mechanisms
  • MBO’s and MBI’s what do they mean and how you can spot the indicators of an imminent MBO or MBI
  • Shareholders – the different types of shareholder and their influence on a company
  • New business start-ups.  The right and wrong ways of starting a business and how to interpret financial data from companies who do not have a track record
  • New public offerings of securities– how they work and applicable time scales
  • Acquisitions and mergers – how do they work and how can you spot one coming!