The Newly Appointed Manager - Building your Experience


This is a highly interactive two-day programme focusing on real life insights and practical everyday business examples. The programme will build confidence and skill for first time managers with some experience as they work with their most important and yet complex resource – PEOPLE.

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This fast-paced programme introduces the manager with some experience to many of the key fundamentals of the managerial role. It is delivered and facilitated in a highly engaging manner through the subtle use of multimedia and storytelling. Day one focuses on the individual as a manager. It delves into the six characteristics of highly effective managers, explores the essential skills of time management, and draws on the latest thinking for managing performance and helping you get the very best from your people all day, every day. Day two focuses on how managers manage and develop others. This second part of the programme unlocks the secrets of what makes great teams great, looks at strategies on how to lead change in the workplace, and emphasises why the ability to be able to engage and understand others is a key skill for managers in today’s business reality. The programme provides delegates with a thorough grounding in the principles of managerial excellence. Through working with other new managers on the programme, participants get to share experiences, practise new skills and gain feedback in a risk-free environment.

Target Audience:

Suitable for new managers with some experience at managing or those with little formal management training who are seeking an introduction to management techniques.

By the end of this course you will be able to:

• Identify, relate to, and put into practice the six characteristics of highly effective managers.

• Plan, prioritise and delegate effectively.

• Have a sound understanding of how to manage performance in such a way as to get the very best from your people.

• Have become familiar with a range of strategies for managing and developing a highly motivated and effective team. • Recognise the need for change in today’s business reality and be able to manage change

• Have acquired a range of tools for engaging and understanding others.

Course Outline Day One

The Six Characteristics of Highly Effective Managers – what the best managers do, know, say, see, hear, and look like

• Identifying the qualities associated with a highly effective manager (activity)

• What do managers do? – the four broad areas of management

•How well I know myself – my preferred learning style

• Climbing the Management Ladder – Where am I now? Where do I want to go? The 3 Key Skills of Brilliant Time Managers

• Your time management personality

• Identifying the signs of poor time management

• Planning – the importance of goals

• Prioritising – a time management challenge (activity)

• How well do I delegate? – the five secrets of successful delegation Managing Performance – getting the best from your people all day, every day.

• Managing Performance Activity - why do employees become disillusioned and underperform?

• The 3 questions every employee is entitled to ask – and how these link to the performance management cycle.

• The performance management cycle – planning, monitoring, reviewing.

• Best practice in planning, monitoring, and reviewing - writing SMART objectives, carrying out informal monitoring, the ten golden rules for an effective appraisal meeting

Day Two Managing teams – What makes great teams great?

• The difference between a group and a team

• TEAMWORK activity

• My management style - identifying my preferred role when working within a team

• The three stages in team development

• The importance of teams Managing Change – How to manage change in the workplace

• Managing Change Activity

• Why we need to change

• The 5 stages in managing successful change Engaging and Understanding Others

• The 5 R’s of high performance • The most important words for engaging others

• The impact of the people you surround yourself with

• A strategy to differ decisively

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NAM1 Newly Appointed Manager

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Course Duration 2 Days
Location London