Effective Management and Leadership Styles


Are you aware of the impact that your management and leadership style has on others? Is your style the most appropriate to motivate and enable your staff to work effectively?

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In this highly practical course you will undertake a leadership styles profile questionnaire and have the opportunity to review your results and reflect on your strengths and development needs, then practise each of the management and leadership styles. Give yourself greater flexibility to select the appropriate management and leadership style to match a variety of different business situations.

Target Audience:

Suitable for managers with some experience who are looking to enhance their understanding of a range of leadership and management styles so that they can build teams through improving individual effectiveness.

Delegates will learn how to:

By the end of this course you will be able to:

• Identify your current preferred management and leadership style. 

• Choose the most appropriate management or leadership style for any given situation.

• Understand the impact of different styles on others. 

• Increase your ability to motivate others. 

• Empower others to perform. 

• Develop the talent of others through a range of different and appropriate approaches to suit the situation.

Course Outline

Defining your Role

• Define and differentiate between management and leadership

• Understand the skills and qualities required of managers and leaders in the 21st century 

• Identify what your organisation needs, wants and expects of you 

• Meet the demands of both your manager and your team

Assess your Management and Leadership Style

• Review your management and leadership style

• Identify your strengths and development needs

• Assess - how do others see you?

• Understand and background to  the four leadership styles

• Leading by example - be a role model and project a credible image

The Directional Leader

• Define your team's direction and inspire others to follow

• Lead from the front 

• Giving clear simple and motivational messages 

• Keep your team focused on results

The Developmental Leader 

• Your role as a developer of others 

• Assess the individual and team development needs 

• The art and skills for training and developing individuals

• Use a coaching style to enable others to act and take responsibility 

• The skills to persuade and influence others

The Supportive Leader

• Recognise and reward contributions

• Identify and manage the talent in your team

• Lead with feedback that motivates and develops others

• Create a culture of challenge and support within your team

The Empowering Leader

• Encourage the team to undertake collaborative problem solving 

• Make delegated responsibility a part of your team culture

• The advantage of self-managed teams

• The ability to facilitate rather than manage your team

Personal Development

• Create a personal leadership application plan to continue your development within the workplace

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STY4 Effective Management

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Course Duration 2 Days
Location London