Direction or Delegation? - 3 hour masterclass

This course is aimed at managers.

Strengthen your direction and delegation skills with this 3 hour bite-sized session delivered at your site to make the most of every minute of busy schedules.

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Direction or Delegation?

An effective session in just 3 hours delivered at your own offices or chosen location, to make the most of every minute within busy schedules.

Learn how to:

  • Differentiate between direction and delegation
  • Use a GAME plan to determine whether direction or delegation is appropriate
  • Apply good direction appropriately
  • Differentiate between abdication and delegation
  • Move from showing to being showed
  • Ask permission to direct
  • Confidently delegate
  • Practice directing and delegating
  • Avoiding the trap of thinking you’re delegating when you’re really delegating

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Course Duration 1 Day
Location on-site