Managing Upwards - One day masterclass

This course will enable you to ensure you get the leadership you need so that you can achieve your objectives more effectively. It will show you how to leverage your relationship with your manager so you can accelerate your development and become more empowered.

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This course is aimed at:

People in a non-management role, who want to take charge of their own outcomes and develop a better working relationship with their manager.

Course Outline

Proactive people take charge of their own career. Leadership often comes from your manager but it can come from different sources. This course shows you how to clarify what
you need in terms of leadership and have the ability to get it.

You will learn to: 

  • identify your own development needs
  • manage your manager more effectively
  • make best use of you and your manager's time
  • set up one to ones focused on what you need
  • find other sources of leadership as well as your boss
  • accelerate your development
  • get yourself empowered
  • take charge of your career

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Course Duration 1 Day
Location on-site