Microsoft Excel 2010 Advanced - On-Site course

This is an onsite course catering for up to 10 delegates

This course introduces delegates to the advanced features of Excel 2010.  It is designed for the experienced computer user and helps delegates to analyse their data whilst increasing their proficiency as an Excel user.

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This is an onsite course catering for up to 10 delegates

These course objectives familiarise delegates with the topics to be covered and also provide a means for them to evaluate their learning.


Excel Introduction

Excel Intermediate

Delegates will learn how to:

¨      Use Auditing Tools to check for errors in formulas

¨      Use Protection to prevent accidental changes to formulas

¨      Use Goal Seek & PivotTables to analyse data

¨      Use formulas to link data in separate Worksheets & Workbooks

¨      Share & merge different versions of workbooks

¨      Import & export Excel data with other programs

¨      Record Macros to automate tasks

¨      Use toolbar buttons to run macros


Templates, Validating & Looking Up Data

¨      Using Templates

¨      Using Data Validation

¨      Using Pick Lists

¨      Using Lookup functions


Advanced Functions

¨      ‘Nest’ IF functions to create an If, Then, Else

¨      Combine different Functions in a formula

Managing Your Workbooks

¨      Saving a Workspace

¨      Auditing Formulas to find errors

¨      Protecting Your Spreadsheets

¨      Using Macros & a brief look at VBA

¨      Recording Macros in Excel 2010

¨      Modifying Macros

¨      Add buttons to the Quick Access Toolbar to run Macros        


Using Analysis Tools

¨      Group Data in Worksheets

¨      Quickly find Subtotals in a Table

¨      Using the Goal Seek tool

¨      Using the Solver Add-In

¨      Using PivotTables & PivotCharts

¨      Using Slicers to filter PivotTables

¨      Working with Scenarios

¨      Summarising Data with Consolidate


Collaborating with Others

¨      Consolidating Data

¨      Sharing Workbooks

¨      Merging Workbooks


Importing and Exporting Data

¨      Exporting Data from Excel

¨      Importing Data into Excel

£ 895.00 ex.vat

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Course Duration 1 Day
Location Various