Senior Level Communication Skills Workshop


Really understand how you impact others and learn how to do so in the most effective and positive way. Two days where theory meets practice to challenge and inspire!

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The emphasis of this workshop is on you and how you communicate. During the two days, ‘what you do’ will be examined and practised through a series of experiential learning activities. An open mind and an adventurous spirit are a necessity for everybody wishing to attend this exciting workshop - over 70% of the time is spent participating in challenging scenarios. You may well find yourself out of your comfort zone but you will leave the workshop with a personal action plan identifying the key changes to make and skills to practise to build your self-confidence and improve your communication techniques.

Target Audience:

If you are a senior manager who communicates at all levels, and you want to improve the way you communicate, then this is the workshop for you. It will help you to increase your self-awareness and improve the impact and effectiveness of your communication in a most dynamic and thought-provoking way!

Delegates will learn how to:

By the end of this course you will be able to:

• Understand what generates obstacles to getting people to engage and cooperate with you.

• Understand how human belief systems cause you and others to adopt certain mind-sets and behaviours in particular situations.

• Learn how to manoeuvre your mindset and that of others towards achieving a positive result.

• Learn how to focus on and understand the messages being transmitted consciously and subconsciously from others so that you can use them to produce a beneficial result.

• Change the way others feel by using phraseology, the way you sound and your physical presence.

• Discover methods which will allow you to become flexible so that you can instantly access an array of strategies to deal with whatever the situation demands.

Course Outline

How Do You Communicate?

• How do you want others to see you?

• The Perception Divide – why it makes positive outcomes difficult for you

• Belief Systems – the predator/prey model

Creating the Right Atmosphere

• Increasing sensitivity to conscious and unconscious messages

• ‘What happens next?’ – compelling others to listen

• Mental stimulus to create engagement

Face-to-face High Impact Communications

• Eliciting and controlling emotional responses through words, sounds and physicality

• Using psychological masks to change and control responses

• Pulling the right triggers to move the communication to where you want it to go

Theory meets Practice

• What impact do you generate? – the way others see it

• Creating a ‘resonance’ with others to gain cooperation

• Overcoming inhibitions

Working with Others Confidently

• Feedback - responding and encouraging accurate and fair feedback

• Dealing constructively with negative or unresponsive people

• Your personal ‘blue print’ for change

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AGI Senior Communication Skills

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Course Duration 2 Days
Location London