Effective Business English


This course will enable you to clarify any confusion you have concerning grammar, punctuation and spelling that may impact on your ability to write professionally.

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Messages travel at high speed in our global business world – people want immediate, accurate replies. You will spend the day working on practical exercises with guidance from your trainer and leave with tips and guidelines that will give you the confidence to write accurately.

Target Audience:

Designed for anyone who writes regularly in a business environment and would benefit from refreshing existing knowledge and clarifying rules of grammar.


You will be asked to complete a pre-course questionnaire which will help the trainer to focus on your individual needs.

Delegates will learn how to:

By the end of this course you will be able to:

• Write with increased confidence in a more structured and disciplined manner.

• Demonstrate an increased understanding of the rules of effective written business communication.

• Use correct punctuation and grammar to communicate your message effectively.

• Produce written business documents which are clear, professional and effective.

• Eliminate errors to create a professional image.

• Stay focused throughout the writing of a document.

Course Outline

The Rules of Grammar ‘Unravelled’

• Why is there still such emphasis on being grammatically correct?

• Familiarising ourselves with grammatical terms and putting them into practice

• Can we always rely on spell-check? Words can be misused - practise/practice are not misspelt

• Knowing what the most common mistakes are and avoiding them!

Punctuation Made Easy

• Why punctuate?

• How to punctuate correctly to make sense of our writing

• Avoiding the pitfalls of incorrect punctuation

Drawing it all Together

• Sentence construction step-by-step

• Building paragraphs that guide your reader

• Cutting out unnecessary words and phrases or ‘padding’

• The end result – is it clear, accurate, professional?

Action Planning

• Creating your personal action plan for the future

£ 579.00 ex.vat

BER Business English

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Course Duration 1 Day
Location London