Coaching for Results


On this one-day workshop you will learn the latest essential skills and techniques required to work as an inspirational coach.

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In today's rapidly changing business climate, coaching is an essential management skill.  Managers need to use a variety of coaching skills and approaches to work effectively with individuals and teams to deliver business results. Throughout the day, you will take part in practice sessions and receive feedback from the trainer to evaluate your coaching style’s impact on others.

Target Audience:

If you manage others and are responsible for their development in the workplace, this course will help you unlock their potential.

Delegates will learn how to:

By the end of this course you will be able to:

• Understand the role of the coach as a developer of others.

• Make use of the latest coaching models to structure and make your coaching meetings more effective.

• Create a variety of coaching styles to adapt your coaching to any situation.

• Use day-to-day work activities as an opportunity to coach and raise standards.

• Inspire your learner by agreeing motivational coaching outcomes.

• Employ the skills of ‘instant coaching’ and ‘extended coaching’ .

• Learn how to assess your effectiveness as a coach.

Course Outline

Working as a Coach

• What is the role of the coach?

• Adopting a coaching style that meets your learner’s need

• The four areas where you can expect to focus as a coach

The Coaching Meeting

• How to structure your coaching meetings

• Explore three coaching models

• Identify the skills and qualities of a high performance coach

• Learn to become an ‘instant coach'

The True Spirit of Coaching

• The three thinking styles for dynamic coaching

• Learn the technique of appreciative enquiry

• Understand what is important to your learner

• Coaching beyond your boundaries of subject knowledge

Enhancing Your Coaching Ability

• Identifying peaks and troughs in performance

• How to track success

• What to do if things go wrong

• Two techniques for overcoming blocks and barriers to success

How to Continue Your Development as a Coach?

• Identify your personal coaching strengths and development areas

• Prepare a personal action plan

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COH1 Coaching for Results

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