Performance Management - Get the best out of your team


This practical two-day course will provide delegates with the essential skills and knowledge to manage and motivate other people to achieve their best performance.

You will explore the link between high performing individuals, teams and their business. You will develop your feedback skills, handling difficult or demotivated people and learn to celebrate success.

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Target Audience:

Suitable for line managers who have performance coach responsibilities (evaluating and managing others’ work) and need to help people achieve their potential.


You will be asked to think about the way appraisals and performance is currently handled in your workplace, what you like and dislike and specific situations you would like to discuss on the training course.  

Delegates will learn how to:

By the end of this course you will be able to:

• Understand the link between effective performance management and business results.

• Monitor and measure performance against agreed goals.

• Run regular appraisal meetings to encourage staff to reach agreed goals and pick up any development opportunities. 

• Confidently deal with difficult performance issues positively for all involved. 

• Recognise when to give formal and informal motivational feedback.

Course Outline

The Value of Performance Management 

• Defining performance management - what it is and why it matters 

• The benefits of effective performance management 

• Looking at common reasons for underperforming 

• Exploring your role as a performance manager and coach – how to get the best from others

• Setting clear expectations, SMART and behavioural objectives

Managing and Motivating for Individual Performance

• The link between motivation and performance including practical approaches for managing differing performance levels

• Identifying your personal leadership and coaching style 

• Changing your personal leadership style to get the most from the individual performer

• Improving and developing performance 

• What to do when the performance plan doesn’t work 

• Creating and implementing opportunities for learning based on personal styles

• Praising and celebrating good performance 

• The performance coach – spotting opportunities and keeping it informal and positive

• Celebrating success

• Monitoring and evaluating performance (gathering performance data and evidence) 

• Providing clear and motivational feedback on a regular basis to improve individuals’ daily performance 

• Encouraging self-appraisal and review

Managing Under-Performers  

• Identifying what constitutes poor performance 

• Handling difficult people in a fair and confident manner – encouraging them to find solutions and take ownership

• Understand disciplinary and grievance procedures

• Understand your role in grievance and disciplinary situations

Personal Development 

• Formulating an action plan

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DPP3 Performance Management

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Course Duration 2 Days
Location London