Communication Skills - on-site masterclass for up to 10 delegates

The meaning of your communication is the response that it gets. Having ears and eyes doesn’t mean we are born listeners and observers, but our ability to be better communicators can be significantly improved.

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This is a 1 day on-site course, the price includes up to 10 delegates.

Target Audience:

Anyone who wishes to improve internal, external and personal communication skills.


The overall aim of this training is to enable you to more effectively communicate at work and outside of work
You will learn to:

  • Apply the ‘circle of communication”
  • Apply powerful listening techniques including active and reflective listening
  • Clarify messages – yours and theirs
  • Increase the chances of getting what you want through effective communication
  • Apply non-verbal communication techniques
  • Use effective questions to get more of what you need
  • Learn how to more effectively shape people’s responses by choosing the right words for the situation