Presentation Skills - on-site masterclass for up to 10 delegates

The training is based on solid research on what makes a great presentation and you will have opportunities to practice some key skills that will have you receiving great feedback

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Target Audience:

Management Team and any member of staff who have to present as part of their job role.

Learning Objective:

Why do presentations fill so many people with fear? Why do so many presentations fail? What do GREAT presenters do? You’ll get the answers to these questions on this highly interactive and practical training course which will give you the secrets of what great presenters do.


Whether you’re a novice or seasoned presenter there are some great insights to learn on this course based on what experts do, using Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) as well as influence techniques.
The aim is to enable you to effectively manage your audience and you will learn how to:

  • Present convincingly and compellingly
  • Grab people’s attention and keep it
  • Learn what audiences REALLY want from you and give them it
  • Use NLP techniques to get your point across consciously and unconsciously
  • Significantly improve your confidence and capability to enjoy giving powerful presentations
  • Use a tried and tested winning presentation structure that will guarantee fantastic feedback
  • Use language that creates connections with your audience
  • Increase your ability to engage your audience