Problem Solving - on site workshop for up to 10 people

A problem doesn’t have to remain a problem if you have a way of solving it. Sometimes it needs a different perspective

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Learning Objective

In this one-day practical training course you will learn lots of ways of seeing things differently so that you can collaborate to resolve a problem


Through exercises, role plays and challenges you will develop your competence and confidence in bringing resolution to challenging situations.

The aim is to provide you with a structured approach to problem solving so that you can:

  • Understand your problem solving self.
  • Define a problem & its parameters.
  • Apply structured approaches to problem solving.
  • Use problem-solving Tools and techniques.
  • Build engagement through process.
  • Manage Feedback.
  • Use Powerful language patters.
  • Positively Manage conflict.

£ 1,695.00 ex.vat

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Course Duration 1 Day