Report Writing - on-site masterclass

Reports and proposals are how most of us are encouraged to present information to customers, senior managers and the board. Yet many of us never have any training in writing in a business style and also help you improve your English grammar and punctuation. This programme will clear your mind of negative thoughts and show how easily you can write clear, concise and persuasive reports.

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Target audience

Anyone who wants to develop their Report Writing ability or who is required to write reports


To provide busy people with the tools and techniques required to deliver readable reports on time and in good English.


At the end of the workshop you will be able to:

  • Describe the report writing process;
  • Identify your purpose and objective;
  • Create the report outline through mind mapping
  • Research and organise the necessary information;
  • Explain the purpose of the structure and layout;
  • Differentiate between findings and recommendations
  • Preparing an executive summary
  • Use visuals to enhance the report
  • Use correct English in your writing;
  • Demonstrate a good writing style;
  • Present a simple report.

Data sheet

Course Duration 1 Day
Location on-site