Marketing for Non-Marketers

In organisations today different departments are working more closely together to achieve lean working practices to generate a competitive advantage.

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This course is designed for anyone who regularly deals with the marketing department and needs to understand the processes and philosophy of the marketing approach.

This course is aimed at:

anyone who has regular dealings with the marketing function and needs to understand the role that the marketing function has, and how this role interacts with your job function.

You will learn to:

  • Understand the philosophy of marketing.
  • Define a customer led vs a product led company.
  • Relate to the impact of marketing activity on your department/function.
  • Use the marketing tools of analysis.
  • Evaluate the impact of marketing strategies.
  • Understand the marketing process and its contribution to business effectiveness.

Course Content

The Marketing Process and Philosophy

  • Marketing definition
  • Customer led vs product led
  • Whose job is marketing?

The Marketing Mix

  • The 7P’s of marketing
  • The interaction of the marketing mix with other departments

Marketing Planning

  • Marketing plan structure
  • Developing marketing objectives
  • Integrating marketing plans with business plans

Market Analysis

  • Using the tools of analysis
  • Interpreting the data
  • Building a marketing information system

Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning

  • The key criteria for segmenting markets
  • Targeting the most appropriate markets
  • Understanding the prime role of product positioning

Pricing Strategy

  • Setting the price and determining profit
  • Some approaches to pricing strategy
  • Understanding the issues of price and cost


  • Determining the most appropriate distribution strategy
  • Reading the distribution statistics
  • Using e-commerce to meet customers' needs

Marketing Communications

  • Getting the message across to prospects and customers
  • Choosing the right media online and offline
  • Developing a brand image

Marketing Metrics

  • Measuring the marketing outcomes
  • Setting up the means of measurement
  • Feeding the results into future actions

Marketing Audit

  • Undertaking a marketing audit
  • Acting on the audit results
  • Using the audit across the business

£ 979.00 ex.vat

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Course Duration 2 Days
Location London